The Higure are rising to power to control the world, will you join their ranks or band together to stop them? The fate of the world, is in your hands, Ninja.
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 Kumo-Kukuou Monsuta

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PostSubject: Kumo-Kukuou Monsuta   Kumo-Kukuou Monsuta I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 21, 2009 9:23 pm

Name: Kumo-Kukuou Monsuta

Nickname/Alias/Criminal name: The Arachnid

Ninja Rank: Higure

Village: Konoha

Clan: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 177

Elemental Affinity: Nature

Race: Human/Spider

Kumo-Kukuou Monsuta Orochimaru__collab__by_SasukeRoxMySox2
Kumo-Kukuou Monsuta Orochimaru-Akatsuki-small
Kumo-Kukuou Monsuta Orochimaru_by_Ironcid
Kumo-Kukuou Monsuta Orochimaru_by_danny_boy
Kumo-Kukuou Monsuta Akatsuki_Orochimaru___complete_by_fiore777
Kumo-Kukuou Monsuta Akatsuki_Orochimaru_by_white__angel_7

Personality: He is obsessed with money and wealth, he will do nearly any mission for a good price...Even if it meant murdering his allies, though there is one ally he would never betray. He comes off as a cold careless murderer, well because he is. He is somewhat cocky, but never boasts about it...He enjoys toying with his opponents an awful lot, perhaps too much, he is easily described as the crazy quiet guy...

Primary : Kekkai-Genkai
Secondary : Genjutsu
Kekkei Genkai: Spiders bend to his will similiar to the Aubrame clan. His spiders can suck chakra like the Auburame clans bugs, but only if their master is feeding his own chakra into the bugs.
He is also able to spin webs from his mouth, wrists and fingers.

Items/Weapons: Kunai, Katana, Wire


Rank C - Web Shot - A quick sequence of handseals then the user is able to spew a ball of web from his wrists, mouth or fingers.
Rank A - Spider's Nest - Once the handseals are preformed the user will place two or more hands outwards and instantly create a perfect spiders web that will fly after the opponent and wrap them up.
Rank C - Spider's Trap - The user preforms a few handseals and then touches the ground, creating a small webbed trap that if the opponent or anyone steps on, will cover their legs completely in web, immobilizing them.
Rank A - Spider's Bite - After preforming some handseals, the user saliva becomes extremely venomous. If the opponent is bitten he or she is strongly poisoned and should seek aid immediately...
Rank D - Spider Swarm - The user places his arms forward and hordes of spiders crawl off and crawl to the enemy.
Rand B - Spider Tornado - The user preforms a few hand seals and then places his arms outwards, his spiders are then lifted by his own chakra and used to create a tornado of spiders to maul and kill his enemies.
Rank S - Spider Tsuunami - The user preforms quite a few handseals and then creates a gigantic tsuunami of spiders that come crashing down on the opponents.
Rank D - Arachnid Feeding - The user preforms a few handseals, allowing his jaw to disloacte and widen, giving him the ability to eat human sized beings.
Rank B - Arachnid Release - The user removes the genjutsu he has placed upon himself, giving him four more arms.
Rank A - Spider Explosion Clone - The user preforms a few handseals and then summons a clone that is immobile, but can be detonated to expell venomous spiders everywhere.
Rank B - Spider Replacement - The user repalces himself with a group of venomous spiders
Rank A - Fear of Death - This requires the user to make eye contact, once doing so the user now pictures his own brutal death at the hands of Kumo.
Rank S - Spider's Tortue - This requires some of the users and the enemies blood to be digest by him, the once preforming a few handseals the enemy will be knocked out and placed onto a spider web, perfectly wrapped up and ready to eat...He must then live through his own miserable death of being eaten alive...Only to wake up in the real world to find out no time has gone by at all...
Rank C - Spider Clone - A clone made entirely up of venomous spiders
Rank S - Spider's Menace - This jutsu is a last resort, and will only be used if it is a matter of life and death. Once the user preforms a large amount of handsigns, he then absorbs all of his spiders. Transforming into a very quick and deadly beast, he still has the ability to use his jutsu...Just with a a faster, tougher and stronger body.
Kumo-Kukuou Monsuta Arachnid_Icicle_by_DigitalSmear
Kumo-Kukuou Monsuta 250px-Warrior
Rank A - Arachnid of Speed - The user preforms quite a few handseals, then cuts himself to offer his own blood. He then summons an arachnid ally who moves with great finesse, relying mostly on web abilities, and wind jutsu. This Spider's element is Wind
Kumo-Kukuou Monsuta ArachnidTracker
Rank A - Arachnid of Power - The user preforms quite a few handseals, then cuts himself to offer his own blood. He then summons an arachnid ally who focuses on strength and power, he is rather slow but is large and durable. This Spider's element is Earth
Kumo-Kukuou Monsuta Who_stole_my_Cookies_by_Beloved_Creature
Rank A - Arachnid of Illusion - The user preforms quite a few handseals, then cuts himself to offer his own blood. He then summons an arachnid ally who focuses on cloning and sneak attacks, he is very quick and most similiar to a shinobi. This Spider's element is Lightning
Kumo-Kukuou Monsuta Spider_monster_by_Cyber_Ghost
Rank A - Arachnid of Deceit - The user preforms quite a few handseals, then cuts himself to offer his own blood. he then summons a tiny spider than can blend in with his other small spiders, but due to its bright green color it makes it rather hard...But in very forested areas he is nearly impossible to see. This spider is extremely venomous, but easily killed...
Kumo-Kukuou Monsuta DSC_8668-greenspider-cp
Rank S - Queen Spider - The user must offer a large blood sacrifice, usually that of which leaves him weak. (Not useless but slower ya know?). The Queen spider's size is massive, that of which dwarves any human in comparision, it crawls above the tallest trees...Making it an extremely powerful foe...It shares the same kekkai-genkai as Komo, allowing her to spin webs and control spiders as well.
Kumo-Kukuou Monsuta Shelob
History: Very little is known about this villain, he is wanted dead in every village for his countless murders...He feeds on the Shinobi he slaughters and also serves as a useful scout for Higure, thanks to use his small and powerful spiders.

RP Sample: NO

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PostSubject: Re: Kumo-Kukuou Monsuta   Kumo-Kukuou Monsuta I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 21, 2009 9:56 pm

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Kumo-Kukuou Monsuta
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