The Higure are rising to power to control the world, will you join their ranks or band together to stop them? The fate of the world, is in your hands, Ninja.
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 Ninja Template

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Nickname/Alias/Criminal name: (Like Zabuza's "Demon of the Hidden Mist")

Ninja Rank: (Most of you will start as Genin)

Village: (The Village that you originated from)



Gender: ( Male or Female )



Elemental Affinity: (This is your master element, you are only limited to one...This allows you to do jutsus of great power in this element)

Race: (Certain characters are not exactly human...Such as Kisame or Zetsu)

Looks: ( tell what your character looks like, or post a picture of what your character looks like )


Skill: (You may choose a primary and a secondary skill...The choice is between Genjutsu , Taijutsu , Ninjutsu , Doujutsu (Eye techiniques such as sharingan or byukugan), Kinjutsu (forbidden jutsus) Tsurugijutsu(using ninjutsu for powered blade attacks, i.e. adding fire to a blade), and Weaponry

Kekkei Genkai: (Your clan's bloodline trait, not everyone will have one)

Jutsu: (Don't go overboard, I expect to see and assload of jutsu, but nothing too powerful of any kind of element unless you have the affinity for that element.)

Items/Weapons: (Once again, do not go overboard with the amount of items you carry...The more you have, the more you are weighed down.)

History: (If you are an amnesiac please describe how you lost your memory and what happened to you...)

RP Sample: ( Honestly this is just here if you are bored, if we know you...Don't bother unless you wanna)
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Ninja Template
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