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 Koga, The Wolf

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PostSubject: Koga, The Wolf   Koga, The Wolf I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 18, 2009 2:42 am

Name: Koga Inuzuka

Nickname/Alias/Criminal name:

Ninja Rank: Jounin

Village: Konoha

Clan: Inuzuka

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 202

Elemental Affinity: Wind

Race: Half wolf

Looks: Koga, The Wolf 300816Koga
Koga, The Wolf Kouga4
Koga, The Wolf Koga

(His wolf Shadow)
Koga, The Wolf Wolf_by_engelszorn

Personality: He is usually sarcastic and a big smart ass, he is rather entertaining and loves the ladies a little too much. He constantly flirts with random attractive women in hopes of scoring with them. He is not serious very often, but is very serious during battle, only breaking this when he his shit talking or winning by a longshot.

Skill: Taijutsu only

Kekkei Genkai: Heightened senses and increased speed.

Jutsu: Name: Shikyaku no Jutsu, 四脚の術, literally "Four Legs Technique" (a.k.a. Quadruped Technique)

Type: D-rank, Supplementary

This technique gives some increase of strength and speed to the user, as well as lengthening their nails into claws. Travel in this mode is somewhat akin to a dog's fast run.

Name: Jūjin Bunshin, 獣人分身, literally "Beast Human Clone" English TV "Man Beast Clone"
Type: B-rank, Supplementary
Users: Kiba Inuzuka, Akamaru
In coordination with an animal, the user creates a perfect likeness of that creature, and vice-versa with the beast assuming the form of the person. This makes it impossible to tell the two apart until the jutsu is broken, usually by damaging one of the participants which then reverts to their original form.

Name: Gatsūga, 牙通牙, literally "Double Piercing Fang"
Type: C-rank, Offensive
The user and his partner spin at a ferocious speed and deliver many powerful beastlike attacks when contact is made with the target. This attack can also be done alone although it is less effective.

Name: Jinjū Konbi Henge: Sōtōrō, 人獣混合変化・双頭狼, literally "Man Beast Combination Transformation: Double-Headed Wolf"
Type: B-rank, Supplementary
The users, a human and a dog, perform the Combination transformation together, which results in their fusing into an extremely large, double-headed wolf.

Name: Garōga, 牙狼牙, literally "Double Wolf Fang", English TV "Fang Over Fang"
Type: B-rank, Offensive, Mid- to long range (5+m)
Used in combination with Combination Transformation Kiba and Akamaru (in two-headed wolf form) perform a powerful Gatsuga-like attack.

Name: Man Beast Whirlwind
Type: B-Rankm Offensive
Usually used with two users, but can be preformed with one, just taking much more chakra...The users use their gatuga jutsu in circle around the enemy at such a fast rate that high winds pick up, creating a tornado

Name: Whirlwind Kick
Type: C-Rank, Offensive
This can only be used by Koga, with a quick spin kick using his wind chakra he is able to create a small tornado and unleash it towards the opponent

Name: Whirlwind Shield
Type: B-Rank
Koga creates a whirlwind around himself, the whirlwind moves with him and protects him, but can be broken if his concentration is lost.

Name: Lung Crusher
Type: A-Rank
Koga concentrates all his wind chakra into the palm of his hand (Usually, he can do it on he feet as well), granting him the ability to unleash one hell of a punch off on someone...It is said that the amount of force applied can crush a lung instantly, thus giving it it's name...

Name: Ura Renge, 裏蓮華, literally "Reverse Lotus" (a.k.a. "Extreme Lotus" or "Primary Lotus")
Type: A-rank, Offensive, Short range (0-5m)
Users: Koga
This advanced, more destructive version of the Renge requires the opening of at least the Third Gate (Life Gate), with a correspondingly higher cost to the user. Once the third gate is open, the user can then use Ura Renge by launching the target into the air and hiting them with one arm and foot, sending the target crashing into the ground, typically killing them. When Rock Lee used this move, he also opened the Fourth and Fifth Gates to grant him extra strength and speed, however, this is not required to perform Ura Renge.
This is considered during the series to be the ultimate Taijutsu technique.

Name: Omote Renge, 表蓮華, literally "Front Lotus", Viz "Forward Lotus" (a.k.a. "secondary Lotus" or "Initial Lotus") English TV "Primary Lotus"
Type: B-rank, Offensive, Short range (0-5m)
Users: Koga
This technique puts a lot of strain on the user's muscle fibers, and is basically a suicidal attack. Normally, humans use the power of their muscles at only about 20 percent of their full power; the brain regulates muscle usage to ensure this, since any higher and the muscles will be damaged or destroyed. The Omote Renge requires the opening of one of the inner celestial gates- the Initial Gate, which releases the brain's regulation on muscle usage. The result is a much more powerful brand of Taijutsu than normal, but at the cost of damage to the user.
Having prepared by unwrapping the bandages on his arms, Lee kicks his opponent into the air, performing Kage Buyo. Once behind his opponent, he then wraps the arm bandages around them, and grabs them in a bear hug. His body is aligned with their's, slightly shifted down to avoid impact. He then spins both of them, creating a screwdriver effect, and then proceeds to piledrive them headfirst into the ground with enough force to knock unconcious and possibly kill. The Sound-nin Dosu avoided this fate because Zaku managed to pad the ground with air. Gaara avoided it using first his sand armour and then a replacement of himself made of sand to avoid extensive damage.although some speculate that in episode 55 kakashi is climbing a mountain with one hand wich is likely his style of training,kakashi slips on a rock and release his brain regulation and climbed up rock to find sasuke on top of the mountain.

Name: Kage Buyō, 影舞葉, Literally "Shadow of the Dancing Leaf", Viz "Shadow of the Dancing Leaf" (a.k.a. "Shadow Leaf Dance") English TV "Dancing Leaf Shadow"
Type: C-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
Users: Koga
While the target is airborne, the user jumps in such a way as to appear below the target while following a similar trajectory through the air. Since the victim is airborne, he is in a vulnerable position to a more damaging attack such as Omote Renge or Shishi Rendan.
Sasuke learns this move when it is used on him by Rock Lee, by using the Sharingan. He is able to copy the move and use it in his match during the Chūnin preliminary exams with an after effect of strain on his body.
(more will be added, but these are my only known jutsus as of know...since i dont feel like typing anymore)

Items/Weapons: Heavy smoke bombs, kunai, shurikens, and wire

History: Koga was an outcast most his childhood, everyone thought he was a monster due to his fangs, claws and ears...His mother and father left him at Konoha when he was very young, they thought having a child around would slow them down since they were both shinobi...Koga was trained very well in Konoha, he struggled to learn some of the ninjutsu and genjutsu techiniques...But he had a nack for the taijutsu, him and Shadow both...He quickly flew through the ranks, and has been offered to be an Anbu on several occasions...Koga always declined saying that it was too much work for him, he'd rather sleep all day and do missions sparingly...Koga is still a very hard worker and known to be one of the most powerful Jounin in Konoha...

RP Sample: NO

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PostSubject: Re: Koga, The Wolf   Koga, The Wolf I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 19, 2009 4:23 pm

Approved, just please do some history.
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Koga, The Wolf
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