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 Memory Essay English 4.

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PostSubject: Memory Essay English 4.   Memory Essay English 4. I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 01, 2009 8:11 am

Memory Essay

Life is changed by different events, sometimes more drastically than others, I have a few memories of events that affected my life both positively and negatively. One memory, however stands out more than any other, for the sole fact that it affected my life in both positive and negative ways. This particular memory has a few memories that lead to it, making it have more of an impact, something that I had with me for a long time then lost.
Through my life I had a few role models, people that inspired me to be who I am today, my mother, my sisters and my grandmother, the one that played the biggest role was my grandmother. Until I was five years old I called her my mother, I spent most of my time at her house playing games with her. The most memorable moment I had with her when I was young was sitting on her bed as she taught me how to play “Go fish”, and how excited I was when I won. As a small child she helped mold me into a hyper, fun-loving child.
As I grew older, and school began to play a larger role in my life, I spent less time at my grandmother’s house I visited twice a week, and loved the time I got to spend there. During this time I had to focus on homework and tests, she always made sure I stayed with my school work, inspiring me to be more academically driven, the most memorable moment that I recall from this time is sitting at the desk she had set up for me to do my homework, and I was having trouble with my Communications homework, she sat down and spent 2 hours helping me learn to write in cursive.
As I began to grow more, I actually grew closer to my grandmother, I respected her more as a person for what she went through and all she had done for me, we would spend hours talking about anything we could think about. During this time she was my best friend, she was my refuge, I spent every chance I could at her house. With my age came even more responsibility, I had to do more to take care of my sick mother, my grandmother again helped me get through this, when I was there I was a kid again with an easier life.
Finally I had reached my teenage years, during this stage in my life, me and my grandmother only grew closer still, she was my sole role model, the single person I looked up to the most, I wanted to be as brave as her, and as kind as her. I would spend 2 to 3 days there any chance I could, it was the highlight of my week. Then when I was 14 years old, she became very ill and was hospitalized , I wouldn’t see my best friend, my role model for another 6 months. She was sent to a bigger hospital than we had available here, she was sick and terminal, I remember the last time I saw her, the single biggest event that changed my life and who I am today. She was laying there and I held her hand I told her goodbye and that I loved her and I walked out of that room. When my brother came and told me she was gone my heart sunk and a pain filled my chest, my life had turned around. From that day I began to take life more head on and became less and less shy, the thought of life ending so soon scared me, and I wanted to live it to the fullest, this was one of the ways it affected me in a positive way, it also brought me closer to my uncle, who shared a close relationship with her as well. However the whole ordeal had made me more depressed for months, and angrier at the world. Though over the years the memories made me a stronger person to strive to be more like my role model, to hold my family close to me and never take them for granted.
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Memory Essay English 4.
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