The Higure are rising to power to control the world, will you join their ranks or band together to stop them? The fate of the world, is in your hands, Ninja.
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 Rorouni kenshen

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Name:Rorouni kenshen

Nickname the ghost of the red moon

Ninja Rank: wandering jonin

Village: sound village

Clan: kenshen

Age: 25

Gender: Male



Elemental Affinity: wind

Race: human


Rorouni kenshen 262346_3

Personality:he is a vary fast talker but faster as a swordsmen filled with hate for the leaf, always wanting to become stronger, vary persuasive, good hearted and willing to help the weak as long as they ant from the leaf village.

Skill: weapons, Tsurugijutsu

Kekkei Genkai:lighting meets cherry blosom allows the user to be vary fast but also have the grace of a cherry blosim floating in the breazze faster than the wind it self with sword strikes and moveing hard to see his movements for even someone with sharingan and also alows him to be pin point accureat with his sword (if used too long takes a toll on his body)

Jutsu: wind breaker- A rank enfusing his sword with charkra he can cut through most metals

double moon tech.- A rank while the opponent is in the air he does a double back flip cuting them each time and as the second sends them to the ground

bladed wind- A rank spins in a circle then using is charkra keeps the rotation going with out having to spin with his blade stuck out he can walk with the blade circling him to hit targets close enough (can hold for about 20 sec.)

destructive cut- C rank slashes his sword through the wind sending a deadly amount of chakra toward his enemy

multi. cut- A rank only be done after desructive cut as sthe chakra leaves the blade he cuts it to many small peices ( makes 20 dose not hit vital s only nicks and cuts

wind storm- rank A only use during blade wind uses his sword to cut out large amount of chakkra from the spinning dome around him able to slice through large trees

whirl wind clone -rank A a clone to where if destoryed it send a massive whirl wind from the body blowing the enemy away and makeing them vary dizzy

Scattering Flower Dance-rank A This jutsu allows the user to summon a cyclone of petals to attack their opponent. The user can remain in one spot for the use of the jutsu, because he or she can direct it anywhere they desire. Therefore, the user can control the direction and power of the technique to the max as a last resort.

Great Breakthrough-rank B This technique creates a large explosion of wind from the user's location, easily leveling everything in its path. A variation of the technique involves a smaller blast of wind which gets ignited with flame.

rotating sword A rank This jutsu will infuse wind-based chakra into bladed weapons. The user can than manipulate the blades in a spinning manner to attack the target.

white Flash Speed Burst- B rank dashes toward his enemy with such high speed that he looks like a blur and slashes them as he passes them. Then, he stops behind them and slashes them on the back with his sword once again.

100 paths of the sword A rank in fuseing his sword with wind based chakkra he slices at his opponet 100 time hiting every vital point in their body

daimond edge strike S rank his sword is infused with so much of wind based chakkra it could cut through large blouder size daimonds

violent wind awakens A rank a sword slash that sends four large whirlwinds out of the blade to attack the enemy

great violent wind A rank the four whirlwinds come togather to form a tsunami

flashing moon dance A rank useing his great speed he runs toward the enemy flippng over there head sliceing the sword aiming to cut there head in half

white flash 1000 killing blows A rank useing his speed he slashes at his opponent 1000 times aming to cut them into small pieces

gail force winds D rank runs past his enemey with great speed spining them makeing them confused

cherry blossom explosion S rank he takes and cuts him self with a his sword and his sword turns int to thousand cherry blossoms that are as sharp as razors and explode on contact of his enemy ( can only be done after rotating sword tech)

lightnig flash S rank takes and refoms his sword floating high in the infuseing it with lightning base chakra it flys in the shape of a lightnig bolt at the enemy as it hits it explodes into cherry blossoms (can only be done after cherry blossom explosion)

legendary weapon blood red kitana as his hate and rage grows stronger so dose his sword vary sharp and strong every cut send shocks through his opponents nervous system numbing that part of their body because of the poison on the blade it was once said that this sword had a mind of its own and chose the user

History: the moon shining a blood red as if pointless blood has been spilt screams of war raging through the night air like the blows of his sword was cutting the gods them self when the storms of hate and fear was subsided a lone man standing in the mist where his fallen comrades lay dead and motionless’ all he has now is his sword and many sins that he committed in the light of the red moon falling to the ground mourning the loss of all his people his brothers and sisters his whole race destroyed by the leaf village military as he sit in the blood of his brothers staring at the moon he swore his revenge on his fallen races honor and no man wielding a weapon would ever beat him in combat again
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Rorouni kenshen
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