The Higure are rising to power to control the world, will you join their ranks or band together to stop them? The fate of the world, is in your hands, Ninja.
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 kamitaro zenqueen

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PostSubject: kamitaro zenqueen   kamitaro  zenqueen I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 09, 2009 5:23 pm

Name: kamitaro zenque

Nickname frost

Ninja Rank: leader of the land of snow

Village: dose not have a village any more it was destroyed by the leaf

Clan: lien que

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Height:6. 0


Elemental Affinity:ice

Race: human


kamitaro  zenqueen Subzero-medkamitaro  zenqueen 20746SUBZERO%202

kamitaro  zenqueen 40136iceking

Personality: a vary cold warrior that never shows emotion he is all way looking for a fight cocky sometimes and vary headstrong that one day he will be known as one of the great ninja of his time

Skill: Kekkei Genkai

Kekkei Genkai: controls water in any form (liquid solid or gas)

ice dragon B rank jutsu forms out of ice to attack his enemys(TAKES NINE HAND SIGNS

blistering steam B rank takes and shoots out intensive amount of boling hot steam at his opponents capably of burning flesh off of bone(TAKES 8 HAND SIGNSTO DO)

ice teleport B rank forbbiden jusu allows him to turn into a sheet of ice and quckly teleport behind his opponent(TAKES 4 HANDSIGNS TO DO )

artic breath B rank pulls off mask and breaths sharp shards of ice and blistering snow at his opponent (TAKES 5 HAND SIGNS TO DO)

liquid into solid B rank fires an intenese amount of water than freazes it in mid flight into a shape of a sharp projectile to slice through his opponent (TAKES THREE HAND SIGNS

rank A cryo sphere- a ball cryrogenic energy forms in his hand and he throws it at his opponent and if touches they freaze in to ice(part of body it hits)

rank A cryo clone -a clone if destroyed freazes anything it touches Minimum at once to make is 5 (TAKES 2 HAND SIGNS)

cryo skin A rank -forbbiden jutsu his body turns into ice harder than most steels known to man vary thick and smooth letting him slip through tight spots (TAKES 10 HAND SIGNS)

iquid into gas forbbiden jutsu A rank shoots a speical type of water that has been mixed with poison and turns it into a poison mist if breathed slow eats away the enemys liforce and chakra (TAKES 4 HAND SIGNS)

hypothermia rank S FORBBIDEN SECRET TECHNIQUE allows him to drop his opponents body tempeture till they freaze from the inside out (take a vary long time to get the right amount of chakra also if not preformed corectly will horibly disfigure him till he can regain his chakra also cause intense phisical pain to him self (TAKES 50 HAND SIGNS)

Ice Prison Technique rank A This jutsu allows the user to infuse their chakra with ice underground and bring it to the surface. The user can then trap their opponent within the ice by controlling its movements and completely surrounding them in the ice. This jutsu is strong enough to withstand basic fire jutsu, because the ice has already been infused with the user's chakra. This allows this jutsu to double as a defensive technique.

gas into solid rankA turns water into gas that if opponents breath turns back into ice that chokes his opponent

frozen mist jutsu rank A alows the user tomake a mist to wher nither him or his opponent cansee and he turns small parts to sharp shards of ice to attack his opponent with

artic wind jutsu rank A allows him to mak a whirlwind of ice and wind traping his opponent from moveing

secret technique

hell frozen over ring of five dragons forbbiden jutsu S rank 5 diffrent parts to this jutsu (TAKES 50 HAND SIGNS TO DO THEN AFTER THAT THE TRASFOFRMATINS ARE AUTOMATIC every 10 minutes real time)

first dragon of the north iimizou- A rank he be comes more beast like fast and stronger not that smart though so you can confuse easely (still looks human)

second dragon of the south janzou - A rank he be comes vary intellagent more agile and fast allways trying to figure the best way to kill his opponent(he has the tail of a dragon doubles his chakra)

third dragon of the east hinozou - A RANK all of the past two abillitys but 2 times more stonger (his eyes glow blue and look like repitle eyes

fourth dragon of the west omazou S rank all he cares about now is killing his blood lust is so strong he dose not care if you are friend or foe dont get in his way grows more dragon like and has fangs and claws and chackra control is crazy

fifth dragon the desroyer of fate zopuzou-S rank in this form he take the souls fo all the fallen lienque warriors and in fuse their life force into him makeing him have all the skills of his entire clan unlimited amount of chakra and stronger faster and smart than any of his other forms all he wants to do is torture you till you beg for death and then not give it to you ........( this form he never realy uses unless it is absoulutly nessesary be cause if he dose he could be come badly injured or even killed from the overflow of chakra
if hold longer then 10 min badly injured and longer than 15 min he dies


lengendary weapon hyozyonrumaruor also known as the ice dragon blade if it cuts his enemy the it freazes that body part forever(medical ninjas can revese the effect )

History:he was trained from the time he was born to be a ninja he became the grand master of the lien que clan when he was 9 years old some say he is hokage metairial but he wants to be he own problem not help people with theirs his entire clan was wiped out by the leaf village and so he sets out to find allies for his cause of destroying the leaf and exacting his revenge for his clan and family that he lost in the great ninja wars the lien que caln was a secret scociety of ninjas that you had to be born into and assassins for hire that only took missons to better the clan and their people the clan also had a speacial abbilty to controly water in any type of form but they where mostly known for their work with ice and the ninja wars the clan was knon as the society of the ice dragons for that simple reason the leaf saw the lien que as a threat and decided to kill the whole clan but rounui escaped the village because he wanted to live and get revenge for his clan since then he meet up with cola a ninja with the same ambition to see the leaf burn for what they did in the ninja wars
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kamitaro zenqueen
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