The Higure are rising to power to control the world, will you join their ranks or band together to stop them? The fate of the world, is in your hands, Ninja.
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 cole Kaguya

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PostSubject: cole Kaguya   cole Kaguya I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 08, 2009 3:50 pm

Name:cole Kaguya

Ninja Rank: jounin

Village: Otogakure

Clan: Kaguya

Age: ??

Gender: Male



Elemental Affinity: kekkie genkia

Race: human

curs mark form
cole Kaguya Water_demon

regular form
cole Kaguya Anbu_Naruto_by_Coooorey

Personality:quit, great leader, cocky, loyal

Skill: kekkie genkia and cursmark

Kekkei Genkai: kimimaru blood line trait

Jutsu: bullet fingers- kekkie genkia D rank- shoots the bones out of the tips of his fingers

8 rib shield- b rank-kekkie genkia forms a shield of bone in front of him

bone blade- c rank kekkie genkia the bone in his forarm comes out of his hand to a point

spikes- b rank kekkie genkia sprots spikes over his body (can control were the spikes come out of)

spine whip- b rank kekkie genkai pulls his spine out of his body and uses it as a whip

blade of bone- b rank kekkie genkai can pull out his lag bone or arm bone to use as a sword

grasp- b rank kekkie genkai using his bones he can catch incoming hits if there slower than he his

Dance of the Beautiful Linen- C rank he slices upward with a sword made of bone and then extends his bones from his back to throw the opponent into the air violently

Dance of the Clematis: Flower- A rank Coles entire forearm is encased in a giant drill made of bone to attack the trapped victim. The bone is strengthened (through compression and its plaited spiral shape) to become the hardest type of bone the body can produce.

Dance of the Seedling Fern- S rank presumably the strongest as a last resort this jutsu causes a giant forest of bone spikes to burst from the ground. Cole is able to emerge from any bone at will, giving him a deadly element of surprise should the opponent be able to avoid the attack

1st form curs mark- a rank gains speed and strength and doubles the hardness of his bones

2nd form curs mark- S rank gains more speed and strength and gains a beast form of a deformed cheetah

everlasting youth- S rank forbiden jutsu allows him to absorb the life force of others to make his last longer(goes for little children for there life force is useully stronger

Items/Weapons: no use for weapons

History: descendent of kimimaru lerned his everlasting youth and got the curs mark from orchimaru was one of orchimaru top men after kimimaru was killed after orchimaru was killed he tried to lead and take his place but found out that when orchimaru died hes men fell apart to scard to fight so now he serches for some one to become the next orchimaru to follow

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PostSubject: Re: cole Kaguya   cole Kaguya I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 09, 2009 5:25 pm

I helped him make this guy... Approved Razz
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cole Kaguya
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