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 Kinneas Clan

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PostSubject: Kinneas Clan   Kinneas Clan I_icon_minitimeMon May 25, 2009 11:24 am

Clan Name: Kinneas

Village of Residence: Kirigakure

Kekkei Genkai: The Kinneas clan Kekkei Genkai is ritual based and is performed on a child at birth, the ritual involves creating a special summoning seal on the childs back, then activating it, it creates a small nexus of strange chakra energy that completely warps the childs chakra affinity, it lowers the childs ability to perform basic justu and finely manipulate chakra, however the nexus allows the child to call forth summons almost effortlessly

Symbol: (( The Tattoo on the back, the Seal which is placed on the back never fades and has since become the clans symbol ))
Kinneas Clan Summoning_by_buraisuko

History: The Kinneas clan was a very powerful and prominent clan that focused mainly on summoning, even before the clan created its Kekkei Genkai they were trained and skilled in the arts of summoning and focused on creating private armies entirely composed of summons, these "armies for hire" were a fearsome force and were incredibly powerful, many nations heatedly bid against one another for control of such an awesome army, after the Kekkei Genkai the clan became even more prominent and is one of the most richest clans, however, after the loss of one of their most powerful member's, Ein Kinneas, they have lost a lot of steam, however they are still an amazingly poweful fighting force and still something to be reckoned with

Status: Active
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Kinneas Clan
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