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 Karasu, Kurai's Crow

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Karasu, Kurai's Crow Empty
PostSubject: Karasu, Kurai''s Crow   Karasu, Kurai's Crow I_icon_minitimeTue May 12, 2009 4:18 pm

Name: Karasu

Looks: Karasu, Kurai's Crow The_Crow_by_DREAMCA7CHER
Karasu, Kurai's Crow The_Crow__by_winduphearts

Abilities: The ability to form inside it's hosts body, once inside it can feed on chakra or vital parts or use the body as a hiding place...This crow can also create many clones of its self, enough to cloud the sky...(Until I am a higher rank the clones cannot physically harm anyone, merely serve a a distraction to cloud the sun) And at a higher rank it is able to increase it'd size greatly, making it a vicious target...

History: Kurai was given this Crow by his father Kenmaru once he turned eight...Kenmaru had been keeping it for him until he was old enough to know how to use him and take care of him...
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Karasu, Kurai's Crow
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