The Higure are rising to power to control the world, will you join their ranks or band together to stop them? The fate of the world, is in your hands, Ninja.
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 Eiyuu clan

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PostSubject: Eiyuu clan   Mon Apr 27, 2009 12:57 am

Clan Name: Eiyuu

Village of Residence: Konoha

Kekkei Genkai:
stage 1 - 1.25x speed boost - It enhances speed, agility and hand signs dextarity by (X * 1.25) Lasting for a 10 posts. C rank

stage 2 - 1.50x speed boost (Attained from the use of the clan sword) - It enhances speed, agility and hand signs dextarity by (X * 1.5) Lasting for about 8 posts. B rank

stage 3 - 1.75x speed boost plus the clan's jutsu is activated here - It enhances speed, agility and hand signs dextarity by (X * 1.75) Lasting for about 6 posts. Body, and mind strains, along with slight chakra depletion. A quater of chakra is gone, along with an attention span loss. A rank

stage 4 - 2x speed boost - It enhances speed, agility and hand signs dextarity by (X * 2) Lasting for about 4 posts. Body, and mind are damaged, along with signifagant chakra depletion. Half chakra is gone along with in ability to think straight, and balance is off put. S rank


History: 200 years ago before the age of the ninja there was Shinzui the student of Kashikoi senpai has been training for nine years in the way of the sword. Shinzui was born with an odd blue crystal shaped mark on his right hand. This young boy was brought to senpai as an infant after the massacre of Shinzui's family. Senpai raised him for 14 years. At age five Senpai taught Shinzui in the way of the sword. At age 13 he was given his Family's sword the Shinzui sword. That was passed down to him as a result of the deaths of his family. Shinzui has trained severely in the ways of the sword mastering the taijiquan style of sword. He has trained and is now ready to accept his final journey. His mark eventually glowed after it came close to his family sword. The seal turned out to not be a birth mark but a magical mark given to him when his father made the mark himself before he died and, 200 years later the mark progressed. Shinzui relized his mark's abilities and so he changed his name to make the Eiyuu clan's first member.

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PostSubject: Re: Eiyuu clan   Mon Apr 27, 2009 2:03 am

Glad to see you joined.

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Eiyuu clan
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