The Higure are rising to power to control the world, will you join their ranks or band together to stop them? The fate of the world, is in your hands, Ninja.
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 Eyes Dont Lie...

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PostSubject: Eyes Dont Lie...   Sat Jun 20, 2009 1:32 pm

AaKari was walking around the Headquaters of the Higure and he silently entered his room, it was completely white, and had nothing in it but one chair which was also white so it blended in looking as if it wasnt even there. AaKari sat down and Gazed at the Walls as if he saw something and smirked.

hethen got up and went to go find someone with a higher rank then him to see if there was some work that needed to be done."hmmm" he said to hims self as he scanned the building with his Byakugan
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Eyes Dont Lie...
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